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Exhibition "Philippe Hiquily, La Transfiguration du Métal" at the galerie LOFT

From 6 April to 27 May 2023, the galerie LOFT is devoting a tribute exhibition to Philippe Hiquily entitled La Transfiguration du Métal.

Through a selection of works - sculptures and furniture - the galerie Loft is showcasing Philippe Hiquily's eclectic style.

He quickly demonstrated great ingenuity in his technique with his mechanical movable irons, while at the same time refining this practice and incorporating the fluidity of movement. Biomorphic forms emancipate themselves to become fluid lines in movement where the purity of form sculpts space.

The exhibition is an opportunity to discover, among this selection, mobile irons such as L’Écuyer, 1955 or Daddy Longlegs, 1957, sculptures that have become iconic such as Les Girouettes or L'Epicurienne, but also the furniture with the coffee table and the harness made for Germaine Richier in 1959.

Philippe Hiquily, The Transfiguration of Metal

From April 6 to May 27, 2023

Galerie Loft

4 rue des Beaux-Arts

75006 Paris

From Tuesday to Saturday

11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Philippe Hiquily La Transfiguration du Metal
Download PDF • 1.60MB


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