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  • Comité Hiquily

The monumental Girouette Automne (Autumn weathervane)

exhibited in Artcurial's courtyard at Champ-Elysées roundabout

Hiquily has always claimed his admiration for the work of Calder, whose work fascinates and influences him considerably, particularly through his mobiles. The movement of the elements under the action of natural phenomena such as wind or water is at the heart of his artistic concerns. But the sculptor quickly found his own style, his own "language" as he liked to say.

From the beginning and throughout his career, the artist conceived works in motion that were animated or swayed by gesture, the action of water or a steel ball, and even by a random movement generated by a computer.

In 1963 he created his first monumental project in Marbella, Spain, with a theme that would be very dear to him throughout his work, the weathervane.

A few weeks before his death in early 2013, Hiquily conceived his last works: a set of four weathervanes and a stabile as part of a project of monumental works.


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