Girouette Hiver 490 cm acier peint 2013 numéroté 1/4 EA

The monumental Hiver vane


displayed in the courtyard of Artcurial at the Rond point des Champ-Elysées

Hiquily has always claimed his admiration for the work of Calder, whose work fascinates him and 
influences him considerably, particularly through his mobiles. The movement of elements under the action
 of natural phenomena such as wind or water is at the heart of his artistic concerns. But the sculptor 
very quickly finds his own style, his own “language” as he liked so much to say.

Since his beginnings and throughout his career, the artist has designed moving works that come alive or
 sway by gesture, the action of water or a steel ball, and even of a random movement generated by a 

It was in 1963 that he created his first monumental project in Marbella, Spain, with a theme that will
 be very dear to him throughout his work, the weather vane.

A few weeks before his death at the beginning of 2013, Hiquily designed his last works: a set of four 
weather vanes and 1 stabile as part of a project of monumental works.

Each of these weathervanes is named after one of the four seasons, and the stabile is titled 
L'Australienne. Hiquily will unfortunately never see them completed and we present them for the first 
time today.
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Tapestries from Hiquily


Galerie Chevalier presents two tapestries from Hiquily

Story of a meeting, creation of two tapestries
The fruit of a happy collaboration between the Hiquily Committee, the Galerie Chevalier and the Atelier Catherine Bernet, the La Sprinteuse and La Détachée tapestries celebrate the artist's talent through a medium that he only explored during his lifetime. briefly in the early 1960s.
Together, the Galerie Chevalier and the Committee select_several works by Philippe Hiquily. The silhouettes selected are those of La Sprinteuse, Indian ink on paper from 1989 and La Détachée or La Linotte, Indian ink on paper from 1977.
The female figure of La Sprinteuse first appeared in the artist's work in 1987 with watercolor and ink on Le Café paper.
"Hiquilyenne creatures", La Sprinteuse and La Détachée are displayed against a white background, in the heart of the bass-string tapestries made by Atelier Catherine Bernet in Felletin. In a desire to create_exceptional pieces, Amélie Margot Chevalier, Céline Letessier and Tara Hiquily choose to make only 3 editions of each tapestry, from these boxes.
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