Commitee Hiquily

The Committee

lost or stolen works

On behalf of the HIQUILY Committee, created on September 22, 2012, originaly presided by Philippe HIQUILY, I inform you that the Committee will be at your disposal in the future to provide you with any information you may need, and to issue certificates of authenticity.
The HIQUILY Committee was created to work in cooperation with the artists interested in his work and to contribute to its influence. Its mission is to encourage artistic and academic research and the publication of books about HIQUILY.
The HIQUILY Committee is ready to provide information to all those interested in the work of HIQUILY.
Collectors and professionals of the art market who wish to obtain a certificate of authenticity are gently invited to contact the Committee, which is the only institution allowed to authorize certificates of authenticity regarding HIQUILY's work.
                                                                                            Tara HIQUILY
                                                                            President of The HIQUILY Committee

Comité HIQUILY, 24, Route de le Blanc – CONCRÉMIERS – 36300 l l

Première réunion du Comité Hiquily septembre 2012 (de gauche à droite, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Alexandra Marini, Marc Bealieux, Philippe Hiquily, Lydia Harambourg, Olivier D'Antin, Tara Hiquily, Marcel Bernet)

L'Automate Immobile

H.65 x L.15 cm, Iron and rotating spit Formerly collection Boris Salomon, Paris. Stolen during the rétrospective at the Maison de la culture d’Amiens in 1976

Fontaine mobile Fer

Circa 1960
this artwork is only known by this picture

Collier Serpent

H.25 x L.17 cm, Brass necklace with cornelian Formerly collection Yen Hiquily lost or stolen in 2007-2008

Collier Erotique II

H.17xL.21xP.7cm[ 38cm] Golden brass necklace Formerly collection Yen Hiquily lost or stolen in 2007-2008